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Andrea Polenghi was born in 1951 in Milan, the city where he lives and works. His artistic training begins, grows and is enriched by attending the Liceo Artistico di Brera, in the years 1966-1969, stimulated and advised by teachers such as: Silvio Consadori, Floriano Bodini, Raffaele De Grada, Giò Pomodoro, and others of no less importance.
After obtaining his diploma, in 1969, he began working in the Decursu studio, a famous designer, to then devote himself to the profession of advertising graphic designer, an activity in which he expresses his creativity through continuous aesthetic research.
At the end of the 1970s, Andrea decided to deepen an interest he had always cultivated by undertaking studies on oriental cultures in general and on the Japanese language in particular. The deepening of the Zen meditative discipline has certainly given a turning point to his way of seeing and analyzing things and of reading reality, also from an artistic point of view.
In 2010, about to close the advertising business, he returns to work in the artistic field, experimenting with a new technique based on the use of colored straws, with which he dedicates himself to portraiture.